Texas Hog Hunting

Here at the Rockin G we offer the best free range hog hunting available anywhere. Our ranch is home to an incredible herds of wild pigs. Hunting methods are a mixture of spot and stalk, still hunting, trapping, night hunting, and blinds overlooking feeders. At the Rockin G there are no size or harvest limits, you may take as many hogs as you are able to. There are no extra fees for large pigs and we have some large ones, plus the hog hunting is for unlimited hogs for the duration of your hunt. At the Rockin G we know hogs!


For pricing and more info on your hog hunt contact us for details.

What this includes:

This includes guides, meals, and lodging. Free catch and release fishing in our lake is included as well as the use of our large walk in cooler. We will field dress, skin, and quarter hogs you wish to keep and will skin for taxidermy should you choose to mount your trophy hog. We will also pre-bait to give you the most shot opportunities.

Whats not included:

Tips/gratuities to guides and staff, transportation/airfare to and from the ranch, hotels and meals before or after the hunt, taxidermy and meat processing, Texas hunting license. * Extra nights may be added for a nominal fee.